Karnataka Election - Role of Central government....

Karnataka state has witnessed the 6 president's rule. The formation of Karnataka government is highly influenced by Central government. Another interesting thing about Karnataka State is that the state can't digest the coalition government. Coalition government in Karnataka were unable to complete the whole term. Let us see some interesting things. I will divide these article into 3 parts -

1) Same party is ruling at State and Center but Something goes wrong with Party at Center -
Karnataka State faced first president's rule in 1971 from 19th March 1971 to 20th March 1972. Veerendra Patil from Congress was Chief Minister of Karnataka, but Congress split in 1969 and Veerendra Patil preferred to be with Congress (O) and therefore government lost the majority in 1971.

2) One party is ruling at state and another party is ruling at Center -
In 1977, Karnataka state witness second state emergency. In 1977, Janata alliance managed to win the loksabha election. Janata alliance dismissed the State government where Congress was ruling. Congress was in power at Karnataka. But president's rule was imposed even though the government had majority in the house. 

3) Coalition government at state -
First coalition government was formed in 1983.

Janata party formed the government with the help of BJP, CPI, CPM and 16 Independent MLAs and  Ramakrishna Hegde became the C.M. of Karnataka. After two years Ramakrishna Hegde abolished the government and faced the fresh election. So first coalition government lasted for two years only. In 1985, Janata Party won 139 seats and again Ramakrishna Hegde became the C.M. In 1988. due to some allegations, Ramakrishna Hegde resigned from his post and S. R. Bommai became next chief minister. In 1988, after the formation of Janata Dal by merging the Janata Party and Lok Dal, few people from Janata Dal left the Janata Dal and informed the governor that this government had lost the majority. At that Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah, Congressman and the Union Minister of State for Home and Parliamentary Affairs in both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi cabinet was governor of Karnataka. He informed the same to president and recommended to impose the president's rule. Even after C.M. informed the governor that his government has majority in house, governor recommended the president to excise the president'r rule and dismiss the state assembly. Karnataka witnessed third president's rule in 1989. 
Another president's rule till fresh election was imposed by Rajiv Gandhi's government in October 1990. 
In 2004, another coalition government was formed. Congress and JD(S) formed the new government 

But this government lost the majority in 2007 and 5th and 6th president's rule was imposed from October 2007 to May 2008.

So few interesting and important points can be pointed out. First thing, BJP has an advantage. Vajubhai Vala, BJP leader, former cabinet minister of Gujarat is current governor of Karnataka. BJP is at Center. So it is clear that if Congress wants to rule the Karnataka for next 5 years then alliance is not a good option. Congress must win the seats more than 111 which is the magic figure otherwise it is very difficult for congress to survive even with the highest seats in the house. 


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